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In the immortal words of Sheryl Crow, "This ain't no disco... this ain't no country club either..."

(and I might add, this ain't the Louvre)

This is the

MOMA is a clean, well lighted place where you can peruse my digital doodles of cultural goddess Monica Lewinsky

Monica has quite a life ahead of her, and why not? She is young. She is gifted. She is famous...
famous for being young and gifted

The world is her bivalve

I can envision her in many pursuits. A career in advertising. As a thespian. Politics. The law. The possibilities are endless.
So, to you who pass through this hallowed hall, and to Monica herself, I offer these humble tributes.

May they comfort, inspire, and enlighten...

Please click on the thumbnail to see the full size image

More's in store in the MOMA annex! Click here

Click here to see the White House Through The Looking Glass!

These images are the fruit of my little noggin
Feel free to use 'em
just remember me in your will


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